Some enterprise ideas sprout from seeds; others are forged in flames. Samyuktha by Vicky began as the latter, even as its founder was staring down the barrel of retrenchment from her corporate job.

Vicky Kunasegaran did not allow the obstacles and setbacks in her path to deter her as she looked at how best to combine her strengths and interests. She took her passion for Sarees and textiles, and merged it with her industry expertise as a digital marketer, to create Samyuktha by Vicky, an online retail space built on values of transparency and reliability.

By carefully hand picking and curating Sarees, as well as meticulously researching suppliers, Samyuktha by Vicky quickly built a reputation as a trusted source of authentic handlooms and artisanal crafts.

2021 marks not just the second anniversary of the founding of the brand but also a new beginning as this comprehensive website hopes to elevate the customer experience through ease of use and accessibility.

And true to its core values, Samyuktha by Vicky will continue to focus on genuine products sourced in a responsible manner,  keeping the needs of the customer squarely at the heart of its enterprise.

Thank you for shopping at Samyuktha by Vicky; we hope that you find exactly what you want, here with us!